Tatton Estate Management

Tatton Estate Management (“TEM”) is a recently launched family business that seeks to identify new initiatives as well as build on the past accomplishments of the Tatton Estate.

Restoring and maintaining historic buildings, heathland and villages with care and historic sensitivity has always been a priority for the Tatton Estate, and TEM looks to combine these robust, old-fashioned values with a progressive approach in listening to tenants, neighbours and the wider community.

The Estate and TEM regard their involvement and investment within local communities as key to their success, and we strive to ensure that any commercial activity is undertaken in consultation and partnership with these local communities, and will only promote commercial activity and development that is genuinely sustainable and in keeping with the local surroundings.

New initiatives currently being investigated by TEM include:

For more information please call 01565 654107 or email info@TattonEstateManagement.com or JM@TattonEstateManagement.com